Leslie and Stuart's Story

A stunning couple!

  Over the weekend I had the honor to capture the wedding and the first moments of a truly beautiful marriage. Stuart, my former design professor, and Leslie, one of the box office managers at the theatre department had the most beautiful and Pinterest-perfect outdoor wedding. I was thrilled to be a part of their day. A small wedding, surrounded by family, and close friends, the weather couldn't have been better. Being the theatre artist that he was, Stuart designed and built a wooden backdrop for the ceremony that was then adorned with multiple bouquets of flowers. The theme continued inside for the brief reception with more local-area goodies for the gift bags, table arrangements, and music. During the toast, Stuart told the story of the beginning of their relationship, and the Jeep ride that turned into a 19-hour first date through the mountains and rivers of North Georgia. It was a moving tale.

  There were so many beautiful touches throughout the day. After the toast, Leslie's oldest daughter presented them with an unusual gift. A jar of dirt. After some quizzical looks, she went on to tell them the meaning behind the jar, which had several distinct layers of dirt. Each layer represented a part of their lives and where they had each planted their roots at one point in time, from red Georgia clay, to dirt from their engagement location, and then topped off with mulch from the ceremony. Everyone was caught up in the moment. It was truly a day to remember and we wish Stuart and Leslie all the best and many happy and loving years together.