An evening with the Vulpithera Ladies

Such beautiful and funny ladies


Last week I had the wonderful pleasure of working with two of the Vulpithera ladies. I've worked with Jocey before through Meet and Shoot, and Ianna was there to help assist some of the ladies who were modeling that afternoon. We rented out a studio space in Buford for the evening and our whole concept was our favorite things. I wanted my first solo studio experience to be very casual and laid back, because I knew that things would probably somewhat unclear and uncertain. I brought in two additional photographers, two of my DDD sisters, who then also served as models at some point in the evening. Did I mention that it was incredible warm in that space? I think everyone was the definition of a hot mess by the end of the night. Despite the heat and craziness of running around, I think that everyone had an awesome time, and there was some fantastic art that was produced in that space. I can't wait to work with them again! Check out their work!

Always an adventure to be had!